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The Codling Wind Park Project

The Codling Wind Park is a planned offshore wind farm that will represent one of the largest energy infrastructure investments in Ireland this decade – and one of the largest offshore wind developments in the whole of Europe.

The project is expected to contribute significantly to Ireland's Climate Action Plan targets on 5 GW offshore wind by 2030 as it will reduce Irelands carbons emissions with almost two million tonnes annually and help reduce Ireland’s reliance on imported fossil fuel-based energy.

The Codling Wind Park will consist of up to 100 offshore wind turbines generating enough locally produced renewable electricity to power up to 1.2 million homes annually – or 70% of all Irish homes. Moreover, The Codling Wind Park is expected to create 1,000 jobs during construction.

Codling Holdings is a 50/50 joint venture partnership between Fred. Olsen Seawind Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fred. Olsen Seawind ASA, and a subsidiary of EDF Energy Renewables Limited.

The project is planned to participate in the upcoming ORESS CfD Auction during 2022 and is on track for reaching FID in 2024 and COD in 2028.

The Codling Wind Park Project in brief

#1 Ireland's largest offshore wind project
48 Dedicated project employees
1.5 Gross capacity

Gross capacity: The final capacity is subject to optimization of the site. The project has submitted grid application allowing a range of capacity from 900-1500 MW.

The Codling Wind Park in details

Political support

Phase One Project

Codlin Project Political
Codlin Project One
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The Norwegian projects

Utsira Nord is developed to realise the enormous potential that offshore wind represents for Norway's green energy future. It aims to develop the Norwegian supply chain for the expected large-scale build-out of offshore wind in Europe.

The Norwegian projects are long-term cooperation agreements between Fred. Olsen Seawind and Hafslund Eco AS to apply for licenses to develop offshore wind projects in areas appointed by the Norwegian government. 

The preparation for the tender started in Q1 2022, and the project is expected to reach FID in 2025-2027 and COD in 2029-2030.

To read more please go to our website for the project developed together with our partner: www.blavinge.no.

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The Icebreaker Wind Project

Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the five great lakes in North America, located between Canada and the United States. In October 2014, Fred. Olsen Renewables signed an agreement with the non-profit partnership Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation for an investment in the Icebreaker Wind Project - a 20.7 MW demonstration wind farm that will consist of six 3.45 MW turbines.

The Icebreaker Wind Project gives Fred. Olsen Seawind a competitive edge and a first-mover position in the great lakes as the first company to this market.

To develop, construct, and operate Icebreaker Wind Project, FORAS formed a new group company called Icebreaker Windpower, which is indirectly wholly-owned by Fred. Olsen Seawind.

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Fred. Olsen Seawind and Vattenfall have entered into a partnership on a 50/50 basis for leasing round for offshore wind in Scotland “Scotwind”.

Scotwind will include up to 15 areas amounting to 10 GW in capacity.

The bids submitted by the partnership have focus on achieving maximum value for the Scottish economy through creating a local and sustainable supply chain that will bring long-term economic benefits to local communities.

Fred. Olsen Seawind and Vattenfall were in January 2022 awarded rights to develop a site approximately 67km off the east coast of Scotland, north east of Aberdeen, as part of Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind offshore leasing round

Upon obtaining key consents and permissions from relevant authorities, an option can be exercised to obtain a lease for an area to develop and construct and offshore wind farm.