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How we work

Fred. Olsen Seawind is an established, dedicated offshore wind developer.

We are building on the Fred. Olsen-related companies long experience within renewable energy and on Fred. Olsen Renewables’ 25 years of wind development experience and expertise.

Renewable Companies

We have a unique position

Fred. Olsen Seawind has a unique position to deliver significant economic, societal, and environmental benefits, because we work with Fred. Olsen-related companies that are already global leaders in services and supply chain expertise in the offshore wind energy sector. These benefits will help governments reach their climate goals and strengthen local communities by creating jobs, powering households with green electricity, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Right now, we have an established market position with up to 1.5 GW gross capacity in a mature development stage.

We will reach our goal by focussing on both bottom-fixed and floating wind in markets where we have a clear competitive edge. Therefore, we focus on markets where we are already present, have a unique value proposition, can create profitable growth, and where we can push for offshore wind politically in societies with a well-developed economy.

With Fred. Olsen-related companies capabilities, service and supply chain experience and history of developing new concepts, Fred. Olsen Seawind will continue to drive technological innovation and create cost reductions as leading offshore industry players.